In First Look

Turkish lifestyle is stranger oriented. Emphasis is on family and friends, and striking up conversations or making friends with Turkish people is easy, no matter which destination you visit. Almost all house has a dedicated private guest lounge. In Turkish culture, guest does not necessarily mean someone familiar, and a foreigner who has never met before is also considered a guest.

About Turkish Culture, Lifestyle and Traditions

Some foreigners who have not visited Turkey before assume the country is third-world. But prominent places like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara thrive for local and international businesses and European and Middle Eastern tourism. Turkish history draws influences from Ottoman, Greek and western lifestyles. Western and Southern coasts of Turkey and the Istanbul peninsula are mostly known for western trends, while towns in North Turkey boast natural beauty and green hills thanks to copious rainfall.

Istanbul embodies the unique characteristics of both the occidental and oriental world, functioning as a bridge in between two continents of Asia and Europe. It has been regarded as one of the top attraction points in terms of the city’s geopolitical importance throughout the history. Today, it continues to draw thousands of visitors from all over the world with its special historical background, cultural mix and centrality in the world as a transport hub. Istanbul is very well connected to the rest of the world with frequent and affordable flights.

About Turkey's History

Turkey’s multicultural vibrant history shows evidence of early civilisations everywhere. Empires that ruled for centuries include but are not exclusive to the Lycians, Romans, Greeks, Selcuk Dynasty and Ottomans. All over Turkey but specifically on the Egean and Mediterranean coasts are historical sites relating to these Empires’ periods. Turkey, born in 1923 from the former Ottoman Empire, is home to a unique intersection of culture as the nation bridges Asia with Europe.
The country is home to 18 UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites, including two mixed sites and 16 cultural sites, such as the archaeological site of the former ancient Troy.

England’s patron Saint, St George, originated from Turkey. He was born in Cappadocia and later lived in Palestine. He was a Roman soldier however objected to the Romans persecution of Christians.
St Nicolas, otherwise known as Santa Claus, originated from Turkey’s Southern Coast. Out of all facts about Turkey, this surprises the most.
The 20-mile-long Bosporus divides the two parts.
The oldest church, called St Peters, is in Antakya. Today the church is a museum; however, it still holds services with special permission.
In the late 1950s, a nun dreamt about the Virgin Mary’s last resting place in the Selcuk mountains. Archaeologists discovered a house just like the nun said they would. The late pope visited and verified the house as the Virgin Mary’s last resting place.

Is Turkey a Safe Country?

Despite Turkey’s record as a top ten-holiday destination, some foreigners are unsure about whether to visit. Annually 50 million tourists visit Turkey, and many foreign expats live here permanently.

What is the Lifestyle in Turkey?

Overall, foreigners enjoy friendly welcomes with Turks embracing strangers with warmth. Considering the Turkish lifestyle, several different cultures and lifestyles depend on Turks’ income, and where they live.